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                                                     JOSEPHITES ARE BACK IN THE GAME

            The State of Maharashtra declared its SSC results on 29th July, 2020 and recorded an overall pass percentage of 95.30%. The state has witnessed a drastic improvement in the results from the yesteryears.  St. Joseph High School, Wadala too, has got some successful stories to share as it witnessed a quantum leap in its results. The school looking back in retrospection boasts of the hard work, sacrifice and commitment of the Management, staff, parents and students to achieve this milestone.  A special word of thanks to the then Management team headed by Fr. Vivian D'souza for being instrumental in achieving this landmark for the Institute. The painstaking efforts of the then Principal Fr. Diego Nunes and Head Mistress Mrs. Sangita Bhattacharya has borne abundant fruits.

            The first place in the school has been taken over by  Ansari Amaan Khurshid Ahmed with 95.80% followed by  Somani Advay Sachin with a 0.20 % behind him (95.60%); the third place is secured by Sakpal Girish Dayaghan with 93%.  The Josephite  family is proud and happy as it witnessed 67distinction, 38 first class and 6 second class in all, achieving the 100 percent results tag.

        The dedication and the resilience of all the teachers in achieving this epitome of success is worth recalling. The extra classes, the patience, the follow up, the pain, the reprimand, etc everything in its totality has come to fruition. Thanks also to the class teachers who facilitated the advancement of the educationally challenged, by keeping them enthused and following them up with their parents. The 'Magic', the Josephites celebrate, is the outcome of the remedial classes conducted by all our teachers, who tirelessly toiled to cater to those who needed extra help.  The strategies introduced to achieve this end were as follow:

a. The adoption policy, wherein each teacher along with the members of the Management took responsibility for the education of a student or students assigned to them, from the beginning of the year.

b. The class was categorized into three groups namely A, B and C, to help the teachers know their students.  The 'A group' was given extra coaching in the month of December, the 'B group' students were called to school for a shorter duration whereas the 'C group' students were kept under the guidance of their parents.

            Fr. James Nigrel, the Rector & Manager of the Institute and Mrs. Sangita Bhattacharya, the Head Mistress and Principal pledged to keep the momentum and add more feathers to the cap in the coming years. Viva Josephites!!!

- BIS CORRESPONDENT (Tr. Placida)      

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