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Greenline Activities 2023-24

GreenLine Annual Report

Josephites Green Brigadiers bagged the second place among 40 schools connecting with the Theme “Natural Resort” 2022–23.

Winning a Cheque of Rs. 50,000/- from Maschio Memorial Foundation Society.

The Green Champ for the year 22-23 was awarded to Master Sachit Shetty.

The theme for the current year 23-24 is Saving Blue which is inspired by Urban Flooding and Water Management.

Apart from the monthly tasks given by the GreenLine Team our Green Brigadiers also took various initiatives like Educational Tour concerning with scarcity of water and drought prone regions of Ahmednagar, Beach Clean-Up Drive at Dadar Chowpatty Beach, preparing Bio-Enzymes, Compost making in School, growing plants on terrace and given as a token of appreciation, Exhibit of Plastic bottles fish model and Christmas Tree, collaboration with Green  Society, Various collection drive, Anti-Litter Day, selling of plants, seeds, cloth bags and compost during open days and Josephite festival, Awareness created during assemblies


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