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Josephite Organ Donors – Superheroes In Our Nation!

Fr. Diego Nunes, the Provincial Delegate of the Salesian Family was happy to see the Past Pupils of St. Joseph’s High School, Wadala, Mr. Jiten Nagda and Mr. Pankaj Agarwal addressing the 5th NECDBS (National Educational Conference of Don Bosco Schools) at Chennai SRM University, promoting the campaign – ‘A Million Pledges’ on 29th September, 2018 to the esteemed gathering of over 260 Principals of Don Bosco schools from all over India to take ‘Organ Donation’ to a national level!

The campaign ‘A Million Pledges’ began in the Centenary Year of St. Joseph’s (2016-2017) with the wholehearted support of the then Principal, Fr. Godfrey D’Sa.

Mr. Jiten Nagda pointed out, “Imagine over 98% of people on the waiting list will die, unless they receive organs from the brain dead.” He displayed two videos to spread awareness about the ‘gift of life’ through organ donation.

Mr. Pankaj Agarwal appealed to the Principals to become brand ambassadors and flag bearers of this special campaign. A central committee of representatives within the Don Bosco family will be formed to create resources in every school, imparting the message of organ donation in our country and the world, setting a world record through the campaign ‘A Million Pledges’.

Log in to and become organ donors, giving someone a second chance to live, making hearts leap with joy!

Organ transplantation is providing a new leash of life to millions who need it. From Enigma to science, there has been tremendous progress in human organ transplantation in the last 50 years in the surgical technique, the immunosuppression and the management of the patients. But we still have long waiting lists and shortage of organs for transplantation.  It is only befitting that we raise awareness amongst the masses to encourage donation of organs. In its 100th year, St. Joseph's through its AMP campaign plans to get atleast a 100 thousand people for each decade of its existence to pledge their organs and join this campaign. May this family of organ donors keep growing by the day.

-Dr. Udit Dalmia

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at

BYL Nair Ch. Hospital and TNMC, Mumbai,

Josephite at heart.


I Dipan Dalal am an alumni of SJW Mumbai and also a kidney transplant recipient 


I got transplanted 9 years ago and since then I have had absolutely normal lifestyle with basic care which has to be taken


The AMP campaign is a great initiative and I would say a boon for a country like india  where the population is so huge and need for organs is higher and of this campaign can be successfully rolled out at the national level at the school levels as per the dreams, vision and ambitions of the AMP team then it will be solving a very big problem of the population 


The way I am enjoying a near normal and back to normal lifestyle other patients will enjoy the same and will be able to have a good quality of life


I in myself personal capacity have decided to be a part of this campaign and wish the AMP team a great success in this noble cause 

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